Why Do You Need Well Testing After Water Filtration Installation?

If you're working on your well's water quality, you might think everything's over once you've completed the water filtration system installation. This isn't the case because testing is needed to ensure everything works. You should call professionals for well repair if your results show a problem. Taking risks with drinking water is unwise because the potential consequences are too dangerous.

How Dangerous Is Contaminated Water?

Water can become contaminated because of a wide range of substances. Sometimes, agricultural runoff introduces fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste. Other times, industrial runoff is responsible for everything from heavy metals to petroleum products. Wells can even become contaminated because the earth around them contains harmful minerals.

Whatever the exact nature of contaminated water, the EPA says exposure produces nasty results. For example, consuming harmful microorganisms is a sure way to experience gastrointestinal distress. Similarly, consuming nitrates and nitrites makes blood less capable of carrying oxygen. Even worse, contaminants often cause organ damage and other lifelong impairments. These problems reduce people's quality of life while increasing the chances of related medical conditions in the long run. As such, you shouldn't take chances on your well's water quality because your well-being is on the line. Instead, you need to ensure everything works.

What Should You Do If Well Testing Reveals a Problem?

The CDC says you're supposed to test your well for common contaminants at least once a year. This is important because nothing stays the same forever, meaning something safe won't necessarily remain so. However, you should also contact a local expert to ask what makes the most sense for your area. Health departments should be able to give good advice on the matter. Likewise, well contractors should be familiar with their areas of operation.

Besides scheduled testing, you should also test your well whenever certain conditions are met. One example is whenever your water seems off. Another example is whenever you hear about contaminated water in your area. On top of these, you should test your water whenever you've repaired or replaced something in your well. Water filtration installation counts for this last condition.

You should arrange a professional well inspection if your testing produces troubling results. Reputable well contractors offer the best chance of uncovering any problems. Furthermore, they can proceed right to the well repair once you've settled on a solution, thus enabling you to regain the use of your well as soon as possible. Best of all, professionals mean the increased reliability critical for well-related problems.

Further Considerations

No one likes being rushed into a decision. Due to this, you should research local well contractors ahead of time rather than wait until you have a crisis on your hands. By doing so, you can call for assistance right away when you need it.

For more information on a well inspection, contact a professional near you.

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