Telltale Signs Of Pipe Corrosion

The pipes in a home are an integral part of the plumbing system. Pipes can get damaged by a variety of things, but corrosion is one of the most common threats. Some homeowners do not realize that the pipes in their homes have estimated lifespans. This means that at some point, most homeowners will likely need a repiping project to protect their homes. Corroded or damaged pipes make homes susceptible to water damage, which can lead to costly repairs. The following points represent things that you might notice if you have corroded pipes in your home.

Plumbing Leaks

Homes with plumbing leaks will usually have telltale signs. Corroded pipes will eventually leak. Homeowners might notice things such as brown stains on their ceilings and walls. Potential leaks should be viewed as emergency plumbing situations. This is because leaks can eventually lead to pipe bursts, which can cause significantly more damage. 

Peculiar Taste to Water

Homeowners who have corroded pipes might notice that their water has a metallic taste. The taste can be attributed to the rust from the corrosion. The combination of the rust and the minerals in the water will produce this distinctive taste. There might also be a peculiar odor noted that smells metallic. 

Low Water Pressure

There are a number of things that can cause a plumbing system to have low water pressure. Corroded pipes flake off material from the rusting pipes. This material can get stuck in the pipes in the form of debris. The debris can produce clogs in the pipes and negatively impact water pressure. These types of clogs can eventually result in pipes bursting due to the deterioration of the pipes and water trying to force past the clogs.

Water Discoloration

Clean water runs clear. Water that flows through corroded pipes will likely have a brownish or reddish tinge. The discoloration is caused by the rust in the pipes and resembles the color of rust. 

A plumber is a good resource to use to determine if you have corroded pipes. If your home has brass, copper, or PVC pipes, you can expect a longer lifespan. However, some homes have galvanized steel pipes installed. Galvanized steel pipes have a shorter lifespan the other materials. If you do not know what material your pipes are made of, a plumbing inspection can produce the results and determine the integrity of your pipes. An inspection can also aid in determining when you should expect to replace your pipes.

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