5 Things to Know When Choosing a Portable Toilet Site

Almost as important as ordering portable toilets for your event is choosing the location for them. The following are some requirements to keep in mind.

1. Code Requirements

There will likely be municipal codes that guide the placement of any portable toilets. These codes usually include setback distances from certain areas, such as roads, walkways, residential buildings, building entrances, food vendors, or water sources. There may even be regulations dictating how many restrooms can be placed within a certain area of the ground or how they must be anchored or orientated. Check your permit paperwork for details.

2. Proximity

Proximity to the event requires some careful planning. The toilets need to be close enough for convenience, but not so close that any odors or even their appearance impact the event. It's common to place them near food areas, when possible, but not so close that they are a nuisance. If possible, consider having a couple of groupings of a few toilets instead of clustering them all together. This adds convenience and minimizes odor collection in one area. 

3. Security

For multi-day rentals, always make sure the toilets are placed in a secure area. Don't set them up in unsecured parking areas or outside of the fence that surrounds an event area. Portable toilets can be a magnet for vandalism, so having them sited securely can save you money by preventing vandalism. If the toilets can be placed within a secured perimeter, then make sure that they can at least be locked shut after event hours.

4. Weather Protection

You don't want portable toilets overly exposed to the elements. For example, if they are placed in direct sunlight, the chances of odors as well as uncomfortable temperatures inside of the unit increases. Sites with high wind exposure increase the chances of a toilet shaking or being knocked down. Choose a site protected from the prevailing wind direction that also has some overhead shade. It's also a good idea to avoid areas that tend to become muddy when wet.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility for drop-off, emptying and servicing, and pick-up is a must. The ideal site is near a driveway or road, is relatively level, and can be reached easily by the septic hose in the event the tank needs to be emptied periodically throughout the event. Avoid out-of-the-way locations that can't be reached by the delivery driver.

Contact a portable toilet rental service for advice on choosing a good site.

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