Plumbing Tips For The End Of Summer

No one looks forward to summer ending, but the end of summer is unfortunately inevitable. And the end of summer means that cold weather is on its way. The leaves will start to fall, and you will trade in your bathing suit for a winter coat. So, now is the perfect time to perform some small maintenance tasks around the house, especially on your plumbing system. In doing so, you can prevent larger, more expensive repairs down the line. Here are a few things that you should do before the colder temperatures arrive.

Check the Sewer Lines

One of the best ways to prevent a disaster later down the road is to inspect your sewer lines for any plant and tree root growth. If you notice that there are any wet areas above where the sewer lines are installed in the ground, there is a potential leak in the sewer lines. This leak may be due to root intrusion or something else entirely. However, roots are a common cause of sewer line leaks, and it is always good to catch a sewer line problem early on before it has the potential to wreak havoc, leading to expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Check the Outdoor Hoses and Drains

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, you are likely to have used your outdoor hoses frequently to fill your swimming pool, water the garden or yard, and wash your vehicles. Over time, this extended use of the hoses can lead to wear and tear as well as leakage. So, when you shut down everything outdoors for the summertime, make sure to take the time to inspect all of your hoses for any leaks and damage and repair/replace as needed. You should also inspect the drains for any overgrowth and blockage. Go ahead and check around the HVAC system for the same, as nothing should be within about two feet of the system so it can get plenty of airflow.

Check the Indoor Plumbing

Just as your outdoor hoses can suffer wear and tear, your indoor appliance hoses can as well. Check these hoses for any cracks, bulges, and other signs of deterioration. Look for any signs of water, which could indicate that you already have a leak somewhere. These things should be taken care of before water or property damage occurs.

For more information on how you can prepare for winter or if you have identified a problem that needs to be repaired, contact a plumber in your area.

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