3 Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Water Well Pump

Your well pump and pressure tank work together in order to pump the water from your well, store this water, and effectively deliver this water throughout your home when you need it. If your well pump stops working properly, it will need to be repaired or replaced right away in order to prevent any lapse in the availability of running water inside your home. Thankfully, it is often possible to spot the need for a water well pump replacement before your water stops flowing if you know what signs to look for. Continue reading to learn more about some of these signs that can warn you of an upcoming pump failure so that you can react quickly in the event you notice any of these signs in your own home. 

A Change In Water Pressure Within Your Home

If your well water pump is struggling to pull enough water from your well, you will likely notice a change in the water pressure inside your home. This change in pressure may be either a lack of pressure or simply a lack of consistency in water pressure. While a faulty well pump is not the only problem that can result in inconsistent water pressure, it is one of the most common reasons. Furthermore, no matter what the reason behind this particular plumbing problem, you are going to need to seek out the services of a professional plumber in order to get the problem resolved, so there truly is no sense in putting off the inevitable. 

Clicking Sounds Coming From The Pressure Tank

While you may assume that the clicking sounds you hear coming from your pressure tank are directly related to the tank itself, the fact is that these noises are often your well pump rapidly cycling on and off. There are several different issues that can cause your well pump to behave this way. For instance, if there is an air leak inside your pressure tank, this can result in rapid cycling. The reason it is so important to act quickly when hearing these sounds is that your well pump is not built to cycle on and off so frequently. A failure to address the issue quickly will often result in your pump's motor burning out rather quickly. If this happens you will need to repair or replace the pump. 

A Spike In Electric Costs

While a spike in your electricity costs each month can point to an issue with just about any household system, combine this issue with any drop in water pressure or strange noises coming from your pressure tank and you can all but guarantee that the problem is with your well water pump. Even if you have not experienced any other issues with your water system, a sudden or drastic increase in your home's energy usage should prompt you to have your well water system inspected by a plumber just to ensure that everything is working properly. 

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