4 Common Indicators You Should Get A Water Softener

High-quality water keeps your family healthy and clean at all times. In addition, your everyday house chores like washing dishes and laundry become effortless with clean and soft water. On the flip side, hard water can ruin your plumbing systems and appliances. Here are four common indicators you should get a water softener.

1. Scale buildup

Have you seen spots of a white crust on home fixtures and appliances? The root cause of this issue is calcium and magnesium deposits from hard water. Typically, you might see limescale on the following items:

  • Coffeepots
  • Dishwashers
  • Showerheads
  • Plumbing units
  • Washing machines
  • Bathtub

Mineral deposits can clog pipes and other systems within your home, rendering them ineffective. They also make your fixtures unsightly and unappealing. At this point, you need a water softener to remedy such problems.

2. Stains on clothes

Poor quality water leaves stains on your laundry. This problem emanates from the high mineral content in water. If you don't have any water softener systems in place, your clothing might become discolored. In other instances, your clothes might turn gray or remain faded.

The scummy residue from hard water alters your fabric's authentic tone. With time, clothes become dull and wear out because of mineral accumulation. Also, your clothes will become scratchy and dingy due to hard water.

3. Discolored water

If your home lacks a softener, water will appear discolored. Usually, this type of water comes with an unpleasant taste.  In most cases, water from your faucets can be brown, gray, or orange.

The primary causes of the discoloration could be rust from the pipes and excessive sediments. An expert can test the water for iron and manganese that contribute to stained water. After that, you can consider installing a water softener to minimize mineral accumulation.

4. Water heater problems

It's no secret that hard water makes your heating equipment ineffective. You might find yourself constantly repairing your water heater due to poor quality water. Essentially, calcium and magnesium deposits ruin your water heater. Within a short time, you might have to deal with massive leaks and damages. Thankfully, a water softener can mitigate such risks. Your heating unit will work correctly and serve you adequately. Also, you don't have to spend money fixing or buying a new heater due to sudden malfunctions. 

If you notice any of the above signs, you should get a water softener. That way, you can enjoy clean and fresh water free from impurities. 

For more information on installing a water softener system, contact a company like Ecowater of Central Florida.

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