Common Faucet Problems That Plumbers Can Repair For Homeowners

Faucets are important plumbing fixtures in properties, but they can bring about a couple of issues. If you experience any of the following, you can hire a plumber to help you resolve them in no time.


Leaking is one of the more common problems with faucets and typically happens when sealing components start breaking down over time. You don't want to let this leaking continue because, in addition to costing you more money, it can cause water damage under the right conditions. 

You can hire a plumber to go in and stop this leaking permanently. They can replace sealing components like rings and washers and ensure there are no gaps leftover that water can slip through. A plumber can also tighten components that may have become loose over time. 

Low Water Pressure

When you go to turn on the sink, you expect to get a certain pressure range out of it. If this is lacking, then there is something clearly wrong with your faucet, and you need to do something about it to restore faucet performance back to the correct levels. 

Plumbers are accustomed to fixing water pressure issues, fortunately. They will first examine the faucet itself to see if there are issues like clogging around the aerators. If that's not the problem, there could be a water pressure issue deeper within your plumbing. A plumber can find this out quickly before you're left without the right water pressure for long.


If you have really old water faucets, rust may have started to develop. This is pretty normal, but you may still be able to use the faucets if you just hire a plumber that can use quality cleaning chemicals to break this rust up. They'll treat rust spots with chemicals and work at them until the rust is removed.

That's going to help restore the appearance of your water faucets, as well as make water coming from them safer to drink. It's always a good idea to let a plumber look at the severity of rust before deciding to scrap the faucets entirely for a new set.

If you have any problems with the faucets in your home, know that plumbers can help you deal with them before they really start causing problems. Their repair solutions are purposeful and help reduce damage as much as possible. Then you can continue using the faucets like you normally would.

For more information about faucet repair, contact a local plumber.

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