Three Essential Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the most common and effective ways to lengthen an HVAC lifespan and prevent frequent breakdowns. The maintenance also ensures that the HVAC system functions at peak capacity when purifying the air. Thus, homeowners must ensure their air conditioning system receives regular maintenance from professional HVAC contractors. Failure to conduct routine maintenance checks reduces the air quality, thus leading to respiratory complications. Moreover, lack of proper maintenance checks allows minor issues to exacerbate and causes significant operational issues such as lowering the HVAC's overall performance, its efficiency, and lifespan. As such, people should hire professional HVAC contractors to perform regular maintenance checks to avoid expensive repairs. Below are a few questions you should ask yourself about air conditioning maintenance:

Are My Air Conditioning Filters Clogged?

The first task involves checking the filters. Air conditioning filters purify and clean the air circulating in the HVAC system by trapping dust particles, pollen grains, dirt, wood particles, and bacteria. Thus, these filters are crucial in cleaning the air and removing all contaminants that increase people's susceptibility to respiratory complications. They usually clog due to dust, dirt, and pollen building up over time.  This restricts regular airflow. Restricting normal airflow affects the HVAC's performance and reduces its efficiency. As such, homeowners should consider performing regular air conditioning maintenance to clean the filters or replace them depending on their condition to ensure efficient air purification. 

Are the Air Conditioning Coils Working Efficiently?

The air conditioning maintenance procedure cannot be completed before the HVAC contractor checks the evaporator and condenser coils. The evaporator coils are usually located in the duct and are responsible for heat exchange. Unfortunately, the prolonged use of an HVAC system without routine maintenance usually causes dust and other particles to insulate the coils.  This prevents heat absorption. Thus, people should allow competent contractors to check the coils for dirt and remove any insulation affecting the system's performance. 

Is the Condenser Fan Running Smoothly?

The final step of the air conditioning maintenance procedure is checking the condenser fan. The condenser fan is designed to blow the hot refrigerant gas in the system through the condenser to cool it. The condenser fan then releases the air, making the house conducive. However, a faulty condenser fan cannot cool the air, resulting in overheating. Thus, people should consult professional HVAC contractors to evaluate the condenser fan blades and oil the motor bearing.  This increases airflow and prevents overheating.

The HVAC system is complicated, and you should avoid doing these air conditioning maintenance checks yourself, since you might damage it beyond repair.

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