3 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Bathroom's Traditional Faucet Into A Modern Smart Faucet

Smart home appliances are designed to make daily life more convenient, and they're becoming commonplace in modern homes. One of the upgrades you can make to your home's bathroom is a smart faucet. These faucets eliminate the traditional knobs and levers that turn the water off and on. Instead, they turn on when they sense motion in the sink and turn off when they don't. Below, you'll learn about three benefits of converting your bathroom's traditional faucet to a smart faucet.

1. Reduces Your Water Usage

While your bathroom faucet isn't the largest source of water usage in your home, reducing the water you use when you're washing your hands will still help you save money on your water bill.

Smart faucets reduce water usage because they only provide water when you really need it. When you're washing your hands, for example, you may decide to let the water run while you're lathering your hands up with soap. When you install a smart faucet, you can move your hands away from the faucet in order to easily turn it off while you're soaping up.

A similar concept applies if you're shaving at the bathroom sink. It's inconvenient to constantly turn the water off and back on when you need to rinse the hair off of your razor, so many people just let the faucet run the whole time. With a smart faucet, it's more convenient to minimize the amount of water you use while shaving.

2. Reduces the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Washing your hands frequently reduces the chance you'll get sick by eliminating all of the bacteria and viruses on your hands. Unfortunately, washing your hands at the sink has a major problem — after you rinse the soap off of your hands, you'll need to turn the lever on the faucet in order to turn the water off.

Touching the lever can reintroduce bacteria and viruses to your hands after you've just cleaned them. This problem is why operating rooms use faucets that are turned on and off with a foot pedal — there's no need to touch anything with your hands once they're clean. By upgrading to a smart faucet, you can achieve the same level of cleanliness in your own home.

3. Provides Perfect Temperature Control

Another problem with older faucets is that it's difficult to find and maintain a stable temperature. If you turn on the hot water, it'll go from lukewarm to nearly scalding as more hot water starts entering the pipes in your home. This can be a major annoyance if you're trying to shave or wash your face on a cold morning.

Smart faucets have an in-built mixing valve with a thermostat, which allows you to set and maintain your desired water temperature. The faucet will draw from both the hot water and cold water pipes and mix them together in order to make sure the water is at the temperature you desire. It's a great convenience feature that also eliminates the risk of accidentally burning your hands with scalding hot water.

If you'd like to upgrade your bathroom with a smart faucet, call a plumber in your area to have one installed. You'll save money on your water bills by reducing the amount of water you use, and you'll also reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in your home. Smart faucets aren't expensive, and they're a major convenience boost whether you're shaving, washing your hands, or washing your face.

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