Things That Might Cause A Leak Around Your Bathtub

If you notice water leaking around the tub when you take a bath, you might have a plumbing leak somewhere. Leaks in tubs can be difficult to isolate since the plumbing is usually out of sight.

You may need the help of a residential plumbing contractor, especially if you need to open walls, break up tile, or take out a bathtub. Here are things that can cause a leak around your tub and how a plumber can stop a bathtub leak.

A Crack In The Tub 

A crack may not even be too noticeable in your tub. It may just look like a dark line, but it might be bad enough to let the water drip out. Some tubs crack more easily than others, and a tub crack isn't the most likely cause of a leak, but you may want to consider a crack as the source of the problem if you can't find a leak anywhere else. Your plumber may need to put in a new tub if your old one is cracked and leaking.

A Leaky Pipe

If you have a shower and tub combo, water pipes are probably hidden behind a wall. There may even be an access door that makes it easy to inspect and repair leaky pipes. Sometimes, it may be necessary to tear open a wall or even break up tile in the shower to access the pipes so they can be replaced or repaired by the plumber.

If you'll need to open a wall or tear up the floor to get to the pipes, you may want a plumber to use leak detection equipment first to verify there's a leak before destroying a wall.

Missing Caulk

Water can leak around your tub if the caulk is missing, as might happen to old caulk. Water can also leak through grout if tile grout is missing. Splashing and running water can cause a leak every time you use your tub. The leak may not be very big, but over time it can cause your floor or wall to rot.

This is an easy plumbing repair since all you have to do is add new caulk. However, if the problem has been going on for a long time, you might also need to repair water damage around the tub.

Worn Seals

The drain in your bathtub has a seal that keeps water from leaking out. The faucet also has seals. If the gasket or washers wear down and break apart, water will leak on the floor or behind the wall.

This can be one of the more challenging plumbing repairs since the backs of the faucet may be hidden behind tile and difficult to reach. Call a residential plumbing contractor for help if you track the leak to the faucet or drain.

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