3 Types Of HVAC Services

If you own an HVAC system, you are going to need to work with an HVAC service team to help you take care of your system. There are a few different ways you can take care of your system. It is important to be aware of your options.

Yearly Check-In

One of the best ways to ensure your machine continues to operate as it should is with a yearly check-in. You are going to want to schedule a yearly maintenance check-in with a professional HVAC system service team. They can come out to your home and inspect your HVAC unit. They will take care of a range of tasks. 

Change the Filter

They will change your filter, and ensure that your filter is not clogged. They can also let you know how often you should change the filter. If you don't want to change your filter on your own, they will set up service calls with you so that they can change the filter for you throughout the year.

Inspect the Condensing Unit

Most HVAC systems have an outside condensing heat pump with a fan on top that disperses the heat during the summertime. The metal fins on the unit often get clogged up with pollen and dirt. They can clean the outside condensing unit, and ensure all the fins are in good shape. 

Check Moving Parts

They can also check the moving parts of your unit. They can make sure that things are moving smoothly, and if something needs to be tightened, lubricated, or fixed, they will address it. They will check all the moving parts. 

They will inspect your entire unit. They will tighten things up, lubricate appropriate parts, identify any parts that are worn down or need to be replaced, and work with you to replace them before they wear down and create a bigger issue.

Emergency Service

The second type of service that HVAC system service businesses can provide you with is emergency services. Emergency services are when your unit suddenly stops working, and you are not sure why. If you need it fixed immediately, you will generally pay a higher rate for service than if you are able to wait until the next available appointment. 

Emergency services will work to get someone out to you as soon as possible. You usually need emergency services when your unit stops working completely.


Repairs are a little different than emergency services. It is when you notice that your unit is not working properly, but you don't need someone to come out within the next 24 hours to fix it. It is when you can wait a few days or a week for the next open appointment. Then the technicians will come, diagnose the issue, and fix it right then and there. 

When it comes to HVAC services, you want to invest in maintenance so you can avoid needing repairs or emergency services. When your unit starts randomly acting up, that is when you need repairs.

To have your unit inspected or to find more info, talk to an HVAC system service near you.

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