Factors That Affect The Cost Of Moving Bathroom Plumbing When You Remodel

If you're remodeling your bathroom, you may want to move your toilet, sink, or shower to a new area. Moving fixtures add to the total remodel cost, so you'll want to discuss your plans with a plumber and ask about ways you can get the bathroom you want at the most affordable price. Here are things that affect the cost of moving bathroom plumbing

How Far The Fixtures Need To Move

The farther you want to move a toilet or sink, the more it costs. The plumber may need to bust through the floor, slab, and wall, and the more destruction that's done, the more it costs to repair. However, if you're putting in new walls and flooring anyway, you may not care if they get torn up.

Which Fixtures You're Moving

If you want more space between your sink and toilet, the least expensive option would probably be to move the sink away from the toilet since a sink is easier to move. A toilet is more difficult and expensive to relocate. This is where getting advice from a plumber is helpful. They can help you achieve your goals while managing the costs.

What Type Of Foundation You Have

If your home is on a slab foundation and the drains and water lines are under the slab, moving the plumbing will cost more than if your house is over a basement and the pipes are visible on the basement ceiling. If you're moving multiple fixtures, the slab in your bathroom may need to be cut up and then repaired, and that adds to the cost.

How Long The Work Takes

You don't only pay for parts when moving a fixture, you also pay for labor. If a complex plumbing job takes several days to complete and you're paying by the hour, the work will cost much more than if you only need light work than can be completed in a day or two.

There are considerations with the plumbing you may not know about that a plumber can explain. These can drive up the cost and include, ensuring the proper slant for the drain, moving the vent pipe behind the wall, and the complexity of moving a sink or other fixture to a wall that doesn't already have existing water lines or a drain to hook into.

It may be a good idea to get advice from a plumber before you finalize your wishlist for your new bathroom. When you need to control your budget, you have to choose where to spend your money wisely. You'll need to pay for more than plumbing when you renovate, since you may need new tile installed, a new luxury tub, frameless glass doors on your shower, and other major expenses.

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