3 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Septic Tank Installation

You may consider installing a septic system on your property if municipal or city services are insufficient or completely unavailable to you. Once you do, your septic system can easily collect and treat the waste from your home. However, when carrying out septic tank installation, especially if it's the first time, you may not know how much your installation will cost. Fortunately, this guide highlights factors that determine the amount you'll pay to install it.

The Material of the Tank  

Your tank's material will inevitably affect the cost when installing your septic system. Many professionals may advise that you consider steel or concrete tanks. Regardless of your choice, every material has merits and demerits, which is why you must consult a specialist. For instance, while steel and concrete are both highly durable with proper care and maintenance, concrete is prone to cracking, and steel is vulnerable to rust. Nonetheless, if cost is the only consideration, it would be cheaper to install a concrete tank than a steel one.

The Spot Where You Wish To Situate Your Septic Tank

You can either install your septic tank underground or above the ground. For example, you may consider the above-ground tanks if your household has few members. Still, while cheaper to install, this option requires more regular cleaning. Conversely, the initial cost of underground tanks is relatively high, but you save on cleaning costs over time. Additionally, underground tanks have the advantage of being connected to a leach field that treats wastewater flowing from your home.

Your Chosen Tank System 

The type of tank system suitable for your home's needs largely depends on how you treat your wastewater. The most common system features a septic tank connected to the leach field that treats the waste, and a drain field can be split into chambers in contact with the soil. Another alternative is the aerobic septic tank system, where the septic tank receives oxygen to speed up decomposition. Every system requires different materials and installation procedures, affecting the installation cost. Generally, you will likely spend more money on aerobic systems than other septic tank options.

The only way to be sure of the overall cost of septic system installation is to speak to an experienced professional before the start of your project. The expert will outline the different options available and help you select the one most suitable, based on your needs and budget.

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