What Makes Hydro Jetting More Effective Than Snaking?

You might remember a time when the first and only professional approach to clearing a clog was using a drain snake or auger. These tools work by traveling down your drain pipe and physically grabbing or pushing an obstruction. Depending on the tool's design, it may either push the clog through your drain system or pull it back.

There's no question that snakes and augers are effective for certain types of clogs, but modern hydro jetting machines can tackle much tougher problems. If your plumber is dealing with a stubborn issue at your house, they may eventually want to break out these big guns. However, what is it that makes hydro jets so effective? This guide will help fill you in on the advantages of these powerful machines.

How Hydro Jets Work

On the surface, hydro jetting machines are relatively easy to understand. If you've ever used a pressure washer, you already know the basics. A hydro jet machine takes supply water, pumps it up to exceptionally high pressures, and pushes it through a relatively small nozzle. This intense stream of water acts like a laser to break up clogs.

However, hydro jets do more than fire a single stream of water through your pipes. Like pressure washers, hydro jet machines come with numerous nozzle attachments. These attachments can vary the pressure and pattern of the spray, depending on the specific type of clog and your home's unique plumbing situation.

Many hydro jet nozzles spray both ahead and behind. The forward spraying action can break up obstructions, while the angled rear jets scour away fat or other built-up material on the inner walls of your pipes. Some nozzles even include physical scrapers that utilize water pressure to clean unusually tough blockages.

Why Hydro Jets Offer Better Results

Many plumbers still start by using snakes and augers, thanks to their relative simplicity. These tools are quick and easy to set up, so they're useful for tackling less intense problems. However, many clogs may be too stubborn to remove in this way. For example, roots are often incredibly challenging to remove with a snake. Snakes and augers may also not fully clear obstructions caused by fatty build-up.

The power and versatility of hydro jets make them far better suited for these tasks. When dealing with trees, a hydro jet is usually sufficient to blast the roots from the pipe and clear away any intrusion near the walls. This thorough scouring helps to ensure that more debris doesn't become trapped on the roots. Hydro jetting offers similar advantages when dealing with fat accumulations on pipes.

Hydro jets can provide a more effective and permanent solution when dealing with exceptionally difficult clogs. While your plumber may not reach for their hydro jet machine first, it will likely be their tool of choice when traditional methods fail. For more information, contact a company such as Guerra Bros Plumbing Inc.

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