Heating Problems You May Experience At Home

Most households depend on heating systems to warm their houses during the winter. However, it can be disappointing when your unit malfunctions on a chilly day. This may lead to discomfort in your home and so you should act quickly. Failure to fix your unit right may eventually cause you to incur hefty repair costs. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to invest in a new heating unit. Therefore, you should engage a heating contractor to inspect, identify, and remedy the malfunction for peak efficiency. Below are heating system problems you may experience at home.

Clogged Filters 

Air filters clean the air by removing dirt, dust, and other airborne particulates. Over time, these filters clog with debris, restricting airflow into the unit. As a result, your heating appliance will overwork to draw sufficient air for heating. This in turn reduces the system's efficiency as the unit consumes more energy. 

Moreover, clogged air filters allow allergens to make their way into air circulation. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC technician to replace the filters regularly and clean them if they are washable.

Strange Noises

While it is common for heating systems to make some noise when operating, you should not hear overly disruptive noises. Thus, when you hear loud noises from your unit, there could be an underlying system malfunction. For instance, you will hear a squealing noise if the fan belt slips from its normal position. Additionally, your unit will produce grinding noises as the motor bearings rub against each other.

Old Age

An aging system experience a lot of wear and tear which over time reduces its performance. This is because the components wear down faster when the appliance approaches the end of its lifespan. As a result, your system will become less capable of managing humidity levels. This leads to recurrent costly repairs. Since you may incur more costs in sustaining the aging unit's performance, you should hire a heating contractor for an upgrade.

Inconsistent Heating

If your unit is running, and you still notice some spots in your home are warmer than others, then your system could be defective. This might be due to the ductwork leaking from constant pressure fluctuation and causing air to escape to unconditioned spaces. 

Furthermore, if foreign objects obstruct the blower fan, you may experience a weak airflow. This results in some areas being warmer than the rest especially those closer to the vents. On the other hand, uninsulated ducts may lose heat from the air due to the low surrounding temperatures.

A well-serviced unit will experience minimal disruptions due to timely repairs. Contact a heating contractor to learn more.  

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