Do You Have Leaky Pipes In Your Home? Common Causes And What To Do

Leaky pipes are a common plumbing issue in the home. Hence, you always want to keenly observe the indoors for signs that your plumbing might have a leak. More importantly, you should try preventive maintenance by understanding why your pipes may start leaking. Here are the top reasons why pipes leak and when to call an indoor plumbing repair expert to avert a potential disaster.  

When You Have Damaged Seals

Some parts of the piping in your home will comprise other materials apart from metal. For example, certain fixtures may have a rubber sealant connecting two joints. Other appliances might also have rubber seals, like the ones found in a dishwasher, to prevent the water from spilling when you run the machine. That said, with time, wear and tear can deteriorate the seal and leave you with a leaky pipe. So, get a professional to assess your pipes and appliances when you notice water puddles. More so, timely attention is also crucial because leaks indicate that the rubber seal is broken and needs replacement. 

When the Piping Material Is Corroded

You should also check whether the cause of the leaky pipes might be corrosion. Mostly, this is a common complication in metallic parts of the plumbing. More so, it happens when rust and chemical interference open up the pipe, causing water to leak. Also, note that older plumbing installations are more susceptible to damage caused by corrosion than newer ones. Hence, a plumber should assess the damage and decide whether repairs can solve the problem or if you have to replace the piping. In this case, they may recommend a replacement of aged and corroded pipes. 

Damages at the Pipe Joints

Damages and weaknesses at the pipe joints can also leak water inside your home because the pipe joints are separate curved pieces that allow the plumbing to negotiate corners around the house. Hence, if a weakness forms along the joint, you should expect it to start leaking. Additionally, banging and ticking sounds, especially when running hot water, indicate that your joints may have cracks that need immediate attention.  

High Pressure

You should note that the level of water pressure in your home can also lead to leaky pipes. This happens when a high volume of water at high speed constantly hits the pipe wall, which damages it. Hence, ask a plumber to check the water flowing into your home. In this case, they will regulate high pressure to save your pipes from leaks. 

These are common reasons why homeowners have to deal with leaky pipes at one point or another. An indoor plumbing repair expert can help you determine the extent of damage your system has suffered and rectify the problem to avoid water damage.

Contact a local indoor plumbing repair service to learn more. 

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