3 Tips For Renovating Your Only Bathroom As A New Homeowner

When you have only a single bathroom in your home, it makes sense to think carefully before you begin any remodeling work. Since your bathroom could be out of use for days due to the plumbing work involved in remodeling, it makes sense to think long and hard about what you want to include in the project.  

Before remodeling your bathroom, consider the following tips to make the project much more manageable.

Work Out a Schedule 

If you're interested in remodeling your bathroom but feel concerned about how long it will take, it's wise to work out a schedule that breaks the project into manageable chunks. This means separating electrical, plumbing, and decorative work into different days or weeks. With a schedule that includes these smaller chunks, you can clearly know how long the remodeling work will take and can plan accordingly. 

Make Alternative Plans

After having a schedule for the remodeling work, you'll need to plan where you'll go to the bathroom. Scheduling plumbing to take place in just a day can allow you to head out of your home when you need to use a bathroom, but being without your shower for days can be frustrating.

Instead of being without a bathroom for a long time, check with your neighbors to see if it's possible to use theirs during the project. You could also prefer to stay elsewhere, such as a hotel, while the remodeling work is done.

Even with the schedule you and your remodeling contractor are following, there's a chance of unforeseen delays. Having a plan for where you'll use the bathroom and shower during the remodeling project can help you manage the project easier. 

Consider Your Ideal Features

If you're eager to remodel your bathroom, but feel hesitant due to it being such a large project, consider what your dream bathroom looks like. When this is the only bathroom in your home, you could run into issues having it be out of use for a long time during plumbing, electrical, or other construction work. 

Having a list of the features you would love to have included in your bathroom remodel can make it easier to talk to a contractor and make a plan that gives you the bathroom you want.

With only one bathroom at home, there's a lot to consider to ensure that the project turns out as expected. Instead of running into issues with how long remodeling work can take, the above tips can make the project manageable and better ensure you get the results you would love. 

To learn more, contact a bathroom remodeling service.

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