Want To Fix A Clogged Drain? Consider These Guidelines First

Realizing that you have a clogged drain can be devastating. Whether the issue affects the toilet, shower area, or kitchen sink, you will need to address it immediately so wastewater can flow smoothly into the septic tank or grid sewer lines. This way, you will avoid backup and flooding, issues that lead to property damage.

Due to the sense of urgency, most property owners make poor decisions. For instance, some people assume they can handle the clogged drain issue independently. While it may be easy to clear minor blockages, there are instances when this task should only be assigned to professionals. Below are some dos and don'ts to remember whenever drains get clogged.

Avoid Using Acid or Chemical Cleaners 

Like most people, you'll think of using a chemical or acid cleaner after noticing a clog issue. These products aren't recommended because they offer a short-term solution to the clogging problem. While the process may clear minor clogs because the products are naturally corrosive, the piping system will be eaten away too. 

This means that after several attempts, you could ultimately damage the pipes, and the only way to fix the issue will be to replace them. In other cases, the clogs may worsen, meaning your efforts will not yield good results. Therefore, get a drain cleaning pro to clear away all the blockages.

Don't Go for Homemade Tools

If you don't have the proper tools for clearing blockages, you may be tempted to try anything to fix the problem. Some people opt to make their clog-clearing tools that often don't work. Others even force foreign objects into the pipes, thinking it will push the clog away. The truth is that homemade tools won't fix the blockage issue. 

But when you talk to specialists, they will bring their state-of-the-art tools that clear all forms of clogs. They will complete the work within a short duration since they have the skills and experience too. So, don't introduce your homemade tools into the drain lines because you'll make the job harder for the professionals.

Avoid Using Professional Tools When You Lack the Knowledge

If you know that homemade tools aren't an excellent way to clear clogs, you may opt to use professional tools. However, if you lack the experience, you may not unblock the drain lines. Consider leaving these tools to the experts because they are trained and experienced. They will clear the clog efficiently without damaging the pipes.

Clogged drain problems aren't always simple, so let the professionals handle the task if you want a lasting solution. DIYing will only cause more issues, and fixing them will cost you more.

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