3 Important Reasons Residential Plumbers Favor Using Hydro Jetting For Drain Cleaning Services

At some point, a residential plumbing system will inevitably experience a clog. It may be a simple clog that only affects one fixture such as a clogged toilet, or it may be complex and impact drains in the whole house. Simple clogs can be cleared using a plumbing snake or a plunger.

Homeowners should refrain from using drain cleaners due to the risk of causing damage to their plumbing systems. Clogs can be caused by a number of things like foreign objects, tree roots, or mineral deposits from hard water. There are a variety of safe practices to unclog drain lines. Hydro jetting is one method, and it involves using high-pressure water to force clogs out of the drain lines. The following points highlight a few of the advantages of choosing hydro jetting.

Non-Invasive Technique

In the past, homeowners had to experience having their lawns dug up to access drain lines. This meant mounds of unsightly dirt in their yards. The exposed area was referred to as a trench. After the plumbing repair, the trench had to be refilled with the mounds of earth previously dug up. If inclement weather occurred, the homeowner and nearby neighbors would experience muddy messes from the repair. 

Hydro jetting involves using a sewer camera to peer into drain lines and discover the location of clog(s). The cameras can also detect if there are hard water issues or corrosion in the lines. The pressurized water is focused primarily on the location of the clog(s). However, a full flush is done to ensure new clogs do not develop.

Quick Process

Digging trenches to access drain lines is a long and arduous process. The manpower and hours to complete drain cleaning using this method results in expensive repairs due to labor. Hydro jetting is faster since there is not any digging involved. 


The primary concern for homeowners who experience complex clogs is whether they will experience the same type of plumbing emergency in the near future. Hydro jetting is effective because it forces everything out of the drains. Residue from mineral deposits might not be the cause of the initial call. However, as part of the jetting process, plumbers will flush those out to ensure they don't cause an issue.

A plumber is a good resource to use to learn more about the importance of drain cleaning services and how hydro jetting measures up to other options. They can help homeowners understand the value of routine hydro jetting even if nothing seems amiss with a plumbing system. Routine cleanings ensure that drains are free of minor obstructions that could worsen if not addressed. 

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